Earths Final Warning. What the Bible says about the current events that are transpiring around you today.

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Find out about the history of the Bibles', 7th Day Sabbath,
the Lords Day Controversy and where Sunday fits in the big picture. There are many angles presented, even what Pope John Paul II thought about it from his encyclical Dies Domini. Numerous .pdf files to download and keep or share. You will also find links to websites with Bible studies and even a wonderful book store that I like to frequent.
Here you will find news clips, forums, Bible studies online or email, a library of eBooksand the Bible on audi. Find out where the dead go when they are buried and get many other questions answered from the Bible instead of some other man or womans opinion.
www.World in
Religious liberty and "The Plan". Bible studies here as well. Several free eBooks available for download including books on nutrition, education, the feast days, mark of the beast and rock music and its effect on the human brain.
Pictures, virtual classrooms on paleontology, anthropology, bio-Chemistry, genetics and paleoradionics and more. Books by George McCready Price and Harold W. Clark. Many, many creationist resources.
Creation and evolution information. Healthful recipes and natural rememdies with links on those subjects. Bible studies online and audio Bible available. Articles on the dangers of vaccines, Harry Potter, regressive therapy and hypnosis with more links available.
Learn the prophecies of Daniel 11 and where we are in this worlds history. Time is about to close. "Unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues, we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain. It may be falling on hearts all around us, but we shall not discern or receive it." TM 507
www.Health and
Books to read online, recipes, Information about Ellen White the most published woman in history. This site is based in the United Kingdom and offers free books for your education in spiritual matters.
Online books, study the Revelation especially about the soon coming National Sunday law, music and drama, Bible Prophecy, Bible versions, where the dead go when they die. Learn about religious liberty and the Virginia Act that established our religious freedom which we are loosing all too quickly.
Studies and study tools on Daniel and Revelation. Powerpoints available. Sermons by Glenn Coon the happiest preacher you've ever heard. Audio, video and charts to help you give Bible studies etc...
Natural remedies. Not drug therapy, are our "doctors" here at Hartland College. You will learn of amazing results from the very simple means that God provides.
This is a Christ centered health education ministry that offers to help you acheive wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
Dr. Day offers DVD's, books, and other ways to get her educated findings on the healing of cancer and many other health problems. She has done extensive research in many areas. You will find a wealth of information here. Dr. Day was a cancer patient at one time. That is where it all began.
This is a health education organization dedicated to improving the whole person as God designed us; physical, mental, and spiritual beings.
www.Life Style
A health and education outreach of Dane Griffin and Dr. Vicki Griffin.
www.Preparing For Eternity
Gospel Ministry devoted to spreading God's last day message of love to the world before the soon second coming of Christ. Many on-line books, tracts, study materials and articles to read!
This site contains some very reliable information on Revelation in video and audio format as well as some excerpts from the audio Pilgrims Progress. There is also audio of Pastor Jan Marcussen's singing that you can download. Check out more of the information he has for you on this site.